Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paris Hilton handbag hunting (pink version)

Once upon a time,there was a princess who want to get a Guess handbag for upcoming Hari Kekasih. But unfortunately after she was poisoned and toxicated by a close friend,she decided to get a Paris Hilton(PH) handbag. After she telling me her request,My first thought was like, WTH!? where is the hell I'm going to get this kind of handbag eek and wondering how much is costrolleyes?It may cost a hand or leg(my hand or leg not herrazz) Well, after doing some googling, I found there are 2 boutiques which selling the PH stuff. One is in One Utama, Damansara and the other one is at Pavillion, Jalan Bukit Bintang. Fortunately, a friend of her informed that PH handbag also being sold at Parkson in Subang Parade.

So without wasting any time, on the night of 5th of February, we started our quest to search the PH handbag. We reached the destination around 9.00PM and directly heading to Parkson's handbag section.Without considering any other handbag brand, she starts to find for the suitable design for her. Less than 15 minutes she found a handbag which she like very much. She asked me whether the handbag looks OK or not and the price as well. For me, the handbag is very simple design yet very "Paris Hilton"-ish..LOL!biggrin. The price also reasonably OK and still within in my budget.(ayat sedapkan hatirazz). After i paid for the handbag(using cash not using plastic card), with all smiles on her facebiggrin and the tears for my pocket cry, we walked to the car and heading back to Shah Alam.

Below is the "hasil tangkapan" on that night:

wrapping still attached,sayang nak bukaklol

as usual, the handbag comes with a nice dust bag

P/S: To my cute little princess, I hope you will like this present, but please don't forget you still owe me a FOSSIL watch...LOLbiggrin! BTW, love you much(jiwang la pulakredface)

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